2nd set of paintings

After the West Wharf exhibition I assessed what had been the successful aspects of my work and decided that I want to further develop the abstract elements in the paintings and continue using found forms. I used oil bars and soft pastel to create this painting of an elevated viewpoint of an industrial complex.

3. Untitled (Soft Pastel)

The other two slightly smaller paintings are of satellite images taken from a route I walked on the outskirts of Merthyr Tydfil. While the paintings are all of images taken from the internet, it is still important that I have visited the site before I use it as subject matter because I want these paintings to be perceived as part of the tradition of landscape painting. I am interested in abstract shapes occurring naturally in the landscape and how the viewer differentiates between a map and the landscape. Next year I would like to experiment with larger canvases, but at present I like the intimacy offered by the small scale of the paintings.

abstract 1

creepy farm


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