Victor Pasmore


Victor Pasmore, ‘Spiral Motif in Green, Violet, Blue and Gold: The Coast of the Inland Sea’ 1950
Victor Pasmore, The Coast of the Inland Sea (1950)

In reference to this painting, Pasmore has said that “the landscape themes developed by means of a free construction of pure form elements, either the spiral line as in this case or the square as in the “Eclipse”’ (Tate Gallery) Pasmore used abstract forms in his paintings not because the artist was seeking to create abstract art but because he believed that the forms he used, such as spirals, have become shorthand for constructions perceived in nature. Pasmore made a series of paintings using this re-curing motif until the 1950s when he ultimately decided that it did not adequately express the concept of space. In a similar way I have been experimenting with using found forms as representative of shapes that appear in nature. Rather than create something theoretical, with abstraction and focus on form being the primary outcome, I have used the abstract shapes to express an observed landscape .



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