West Wharf Gallery Exhibition


02/05/17 was the opening night of the West Wharf Gallery exhibition after spending Monday morning installing our work. The triptych of paintings were hung at eye level using command strips with roughly 3/4 of a metre of wall space either side, it was important that the paintings had wall space because they are all 24cm x 30cm and wouldn’t have had space to breath if they were directly next to two larger paintings. I altered the order and spacing between the triptych several times but settled on having the most abstract work in the middle and using the bridge and engine testing paintings as a ‘frame’ on either side. Ideally I would have hung the paintings using a nail but settled with Command strips because the exhibition was open for one day only and because layering two Command strips over each other allowed me to negate the problem of one of the canvases being marginally thinner than the other two. I think the paintings either side of mine helped my work to be more successful as Jon Wall had also used Oil Bars in the same tonal range as in my paintings, which created a link between the work.

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