Clarifying the translation of my ideas

My work has come full circle since looking at Peter Blake’s collages at the beginning of the year. Blake’s exhibition featured curatorial elements which arranged the Harley Gallery’s miniature portrait collection into what was essentially a collage, seeing this exhibition made me want to focus on the associations that arrangements of objects can spark and how artists such as Blake and Jeremey Deller have devised exhibitions that ae entirely curatorial. My initial thoughts were to research the cabinet of curiosities or how found objects can be used to create a narrative.

Instead, the Field Pembrokeshire trip led me to a focus on landscape and I generated a large amount of work during the trip that it felt pretty stupid to not continue developing it.

Since I have begun to look at landscape in terms of satellite imagery I have started to include collage elements again. Rather than the work being about the placement of  faces it has been about the relationship between technology and the landscape.


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