How field has influenced my studio practice

Last terms trip to Pembrokeshire was the inspiration for my interest in maps and triangulation points. Working from memory I made a series of large scale drypoint prints that functioned as maps of the area. The Trig points had made me interested in lines of vision and alternate ways of viewing a landscape. I was also looking at Peter Lanyon’s glider paintings which are landscapes but from an aerial perspective; again an alternative way of viewing a traditional landscape scene.

Whilst creating the drypoint plates I became aware that whilst they were intended as landscapes they functioned as a map that was personal to my experiences. As I had been working from memory each time I created a plate the outcome was slightly different depending on which parts of the trip I recalled. At the same time as i was working on the prints I made paintings and line drawings depicting journeys i made around Cardiff.

The work i created during field last term has influenced my studio practice because it has continued my interest in maps and psychogeography, however it seemed silly to carry on working from Pembrokeshire this term so i changed the landscapes to ones i was more familiar with such as from home and Cardiff.  On my studio wall is a comparison of one of these prints, a map sketch, an Ordnance survey map and a screenshot from my phone of Google maps. I have found it interesting looking at how these modes differ. Making these comparisons and the work i made during field has led me to create collages which attempt to merge a more traditional way of seeing the landscape with modern technology which has changed the way we navigate.

I have struggled with experimenting with the shape of the canvas as the landscape is not seen through a rectangle and doesn’t have a particular start or finish. In contradiction to this i also wondered whether the squareness of the canvas would emphasis the nature of LCD screens. This work has helped me to realise how at odds satellite navigation systems are with the theory of Derive and psychogeography that initially started my work. The latter is concentrated on wandering whereas the former forces people along a set route and an end point


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