Maps & Satellite images

My recent work has been about maps, landscapes, and journeys both in the landscape and Cardiff.

Last week I attempted a series of oil paintings on canvas, but have since decided that I am not enjoying this way of working and would like to return to painting combined with collage.

The collages I made last term are undeveloped but have the potential to become finished works that can bring together looking at landscape through our mobile phones (satellite imagery) and the more traditional definition of a landscape.


An example of a collage from last term


I would like to continue with the painted collages, and consider how scale changes between painted areas and collaged photographic areas, and how Perspex can be used to intimate the reflection of a screen. I also want use the mapping key with reference to Google maps and what we see on screen (Curser, app symbols, text) and see whether this can be combined with the collages.

We use satellite images from Google Maps to look down on he landscape, and we use a camera or sketch book to look at the landscape while being in it.

Other aspects of the landscape can be expressed through collected materials such as food packaging or natural materials, like Kurt Schwitters.


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