Field Contextual references

Joe Bradley

Bradley work within the medium of painting but the way his compositions are put together remind me of collages, the artist often applies paint to unprimed canvas or cardboard. Bradley actively seeks to not develop a distinctive way of working, switching between line drawing, collages, geometric and monochrome painting until recently settling on a more abstract expressionist style. These paintings are intentionally unskilled; he will sometimes stitch canvases together or drop them on the floor in order to create scuffs across the surface. The artist doesn’t seem to have any reverence for painting or consider what his place may be in the art scene; for example  unprimed canvases will rot and he often steps on his paintings in an effort to muddy the surface. The titles of his paintings are also low brow.

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Kianja Strobert is an artist who uses repeated visual motifs in her paintings.


Magnus Plessen – The White Cube London


Magnus Plessen, the skin of volume, 2016
Magnus Plessen, The skin of volume, 2016

Although not the same subject matter as my studio practice, Plessen accentuates the two dimensionality of the canvas by using several perspectives; flattening and bending the composition. Despite working solely in oils and charcoal, Plessen approaches his paintings as if they were collages where compositional elements seem to be attached together and layered up to create volume and depth.



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