Jean Metzinger

Jean Metzinger, 1915, Soldat jouant aux échecs (Soldier at a Game of Chess), oil on canvas, 81.3 x 61 cm, Smart Museum of Art.jpg
Jean Metzinger, Soldier at a Game of Chess, 1914-1915



Metzinger was part of what is sometimes called Crystal Cubism, a period after 1915 when Cubism became more centralised around flat planes of colour and geometric structure. This way of working is similar to how I intended to show the dual perspectives in my collages.

Paul Cezanne


The Bibemus Quarry - Paul Cezanne -
Paul Cezanne, The Bibemus Quarry


Gardanne 2 - Paul Cezanne -
Paul Cezanne, Gardenne 2


Cezanne uses planes of colour and small brush strokes which is in part a translation of what the eye sees and partially an abstraction. Cezanne often ignores the laws of perspective and allows each object to stand independently, making his paintings more about the relation of objects than a cohesive viewpoint.




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