Amsterdam 2017


Stephanie Solinas, Le Pourquoi Pas? 2017 Foam Gallery

Le Pourquoi Pas? (2014 – 2016) is the most recent work of Solinas, which premiers at Foam. During a residency in Reykjavik, the artist consulted mediums, geneticists and other experts of the mind. Solinas let their observations and instructions guide her through the Icelandic landscape, that proved abundant with spirits, elves and other invisible presences. With her unusual cartography – consisting of photographs, video and strange objects – Solinas maps a cerebral reality, that in Iceland is considered equally real as the material world. In doing so, she does not attempt to prove or disprove the existence of the supernatural, but simply to record a possible parallel reality – the why not? “

Solinas’ work references Situationism and the theory of psychogeography, the artist maps the psychological landscape of Icelandic people by documenting sites of spiritual rather than material significance. My artistic practice is about the psychological sites around Cardiff which are significant to me. Le Pourquoi Pas? is a body of work in different medias including video, sound and installation which is something I should consider as I am currently limiting myself to oil paints.




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