Magical Objects 500 words

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Week 1- Made observational sketches of tribal masks in order to generate some ideas of how we could create our own, this made me aware that masks are frequently decorated with organic materials such as teeth and hair. They were also designed to attach to a headdress from holes cut along the edge of the mask.

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Week 2 – A sample of the sketches I made in the Altes museum and Berlin Kulturforum of statues and objects that interested me and could be used as inspiration for masks. Some of the objects I copied because of there facial expressions, some for the stylisation.

Week 3 – Layered Mask layered-mask

This mask was inspired by Marcel Janco’s work and is based on images of family relatives. As most tribal masks are made as a way of commemorating deceased family members I simply followed this idea.

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Passport masks – The Dan people in particular used passport masks, which are too small to be worn and are intended to be carried by the owner as replicas of larger ceremonial masks. I made two passport masks, one inspired by an artefact seen in the Kulturforum which I chose because of the facial expression and a second one decorated with an embroidery pattern. I was initially going to discard the pink mask because I was not happy with the clay form, however I decided instead to paint an embroidery pattern across the top as a reference to female factory and textile work. This turned out to be the idea I liked most and I want to make a better passport mask which incorporates fabric into the clay and different patterns.

Grayson Perry’s Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, a cast iron reliquary case in the shape of a boat which houses a prehistoric axe inspired me to make a magical object devoted to work.

Week 4 – Magic soap

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Here are some examples of Magic Soap, the origins of the soap are believed to relate to the mix of religions in Latin America. Many of these religions involve ritual washing; foot washing in Catholicism, Ibeji figures from Africa. Soaps are designed to bring you luck when washed with and some contain more specific instructions. As I was going home that week i designed a soap box which would hopefully make the trains run smoothly.


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