Subject Collages


Continuing on from the collages I made earlier this week I created a further two based on Pembrokeshire. I am happy with the outcome of both, however I need to alter the background of the first image as there is too much pink on top of the hill; it needs to have more green shades. I have been interested in how far the degree of separation can go in my collages before the image becomes non-descript or of somewhere else entirely. I tried altering the colours of the landscape to see if this had an effect on its appearance. After finishing this collage I realised that I hadn’t taken the concept far enough and there were more aspects I could remove or replace with borrowed imagery.

To me, the second image still depicts Pembrokeshire, but is created from stereotypical motifs of foreign destinations. The green hill is a representation of the hillside in Pembrokeshire, and the building on the left correlates geographically to the youth hostel. There is no reason for it not to be a painting of Pembrokeshire, however it could just as easily be of absolutely anywhere. I am interested in how much I can take out of an image before it becomes generic.


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