For field I have begun to look at map making and geography, at the top of Garn Fawr there was a trig point which were used to plot ordinance survey maps. From the trig point you in theory can see two others at any given time, forming a triangle. This got me thinking about how lines of sight can be disrupted or the idea of focusing in on specific points in the landscape for the purpose of navigation.


I have also been comparing the differences between my drawings and google maps, my drawings are recognisably maps and function in the same way, but they are made up of expressive pencil marks rather than satellite imagery, which is more accurate. As an initial starting point for the project I created a monoprint of Pwll Deri and surrounding area based on a map drawing. I want to create more of these in series; the drypoint elements will stay the same and I hope to create small differences by varying the application of the ink to the plate.

Peter Lanyon’s gliding paintings, all have an aerial perspective inspired by his experiences as a glider pilot. Lanyon’s paintings appear at first to be abstracted but closer inspection reveals them to be depictions not only of solid land, but of air currents and clouds which would’ve affected Lanyon’s navigation.



Image result for peter lanyon gliding paintings
Peter Lanyon Glide Path, 1964





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