Keynote- What is an object?

-An object is not me

the physical world starts at the end of the body, therefore an object is something that resists my will. An object is something beyond my control.

David Nash, Cracking box; the wood cracks and changes, the art work is not fully within the artists’ control.Image result for david nash cracking boxAn object offers relief from the turmoils of desire; Salvador Dali

– An object is unknowable

Perception is always partial; Paolo Uccello, Chalice Image result for paolo uccello chalice

Renoir and Monet both painted the same scene but the results are totally different. We never see the same object as somebody else sees it and we never fully know the object.

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Vija Celmins, To fix the image in memory; 2 rocks, one is real and one is a plaster cast remake, but it is difficult to tell which is the original.

Image result for vija celmins to fix the image in memory

– Phenomenon and Noumenon

How this appears Vs. How a thing is in itself


– I am an object (in a world of objects)

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer; I am the subject of my own experience

as oppose to Friedrich, Chasseur lost in the forest; French cavalryman lost in the German woods with no horse, feeling of threat emanated from the trees, when we stray from the street lit path we become the object. Complete opposite of Wanderer.

– Critique of the object d’art


Image result for rodin the hand of rodin holding a torso
Rodin, The hand of Rodin holding a torso


Art dominated by upper middle classes who wanted art that would beautify there homes. Bourgeois and a separation of art and life e.g Objects had no impact on wider life outside the home. Leads tot an interest in disagreeable objects and an interest in objects that cant be viewed as neutral. Hans Bellmer The Doll

– Critique of easel painting as illusionistic

Leads to creation of objects that are neither painting or sculpture. e.g Tatlin Counter relief 1916, critique of easel painting leads to conceptualism.

– Leads to an interest in environmental works

Lissitzky Proun Room, take art out of the canvas and put it straight onto the wall- then you can walk inside the art.




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