Pwll Deri

Day 1: We spoke as a group about the coach doing a three point turn creating feelings of the sublime

Day 2: Climbing Garn Fawr, the Iron Age Fort near the youth hostel. Climbing to the top there was a clear view for miles, looking down on the landscape made me wonder how much of the land really was ‘natural’. There is a superficial feeling of wildness but the fort I was standing on was man-made, as was the farmland, paths and evidence of smuggling; the landscape was, in reality, industrial.

In the afternoon climbed onto Rocky outcrop below the youth hostel, sketched some panoramas, seal watching through binoculars that Laura gave me. Made me think of the notion of the sublime addressed in Jon’s Lecture. I could not get the binoculars to focus and looking through them created a sense of disorientation and dizziness that made me feel as though I would fall off the edge, it seems obvious but before that it hadn’t occurred to me how much I rely on my vision.

Day 3: Walked to ww2 building near Strumble Head, the walk was steep, someone suggested that there were no distractions in Pembrokeshire but I found it difficult to take in surroundings because I was constantly distracted by things which could trip me up or making sure the others in the group were fine. Walking the coastal path in the rain also made me think of the sublime and phenomenology. I was aware of the elements but wasn’t worried about the rain because it was the final day; this allowed me to enjoy the experience more. I didn’t take any photos because it thought that it wouldn’t do the landscape justice.





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