Peter Blake

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I have chosen Peter Blake’s Grand Tour series as my starting point for subject. I saw these works at the Harley Gallery Nottinghamshire in conjunction with a set of miniatures curated by the artist.

Image result for peter blake miniatures

Blake’s work isn’t something that would normally engage me, but I found it interesting that you could see his thought processes of how he creates his collages through the way he’d arranged the paintings.  Many of the collages in the Grand Tour reflect the history of the places depicted in the 18th century- when the grand tour was at it’s height, but I also like that you can tell Blake enjoyed making the collages and has fun with the juxtaposition of imagery. The miniatures displayed on there own would have been engrossing enough, but Blake offered them a new context and a new way of looking at them which wasn’t based solely on the quality of the painting.




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